IT strategy is about how IT will help the organization win in its chosen markets. IT strategy has two roles of guiding the business strategy and IT delivering on the business strategy. `What does a great IT strategy look like?’ is hard to define. Gartner, one of the world’s leading IT research and advisory company’s believe it should include information on demand, control and supply as shown in the figure above and described in the table below adapted from `IT Strategy: A CIO Success Kit, Gartner Executive Programs’ (March, 2009).

In the current economic conditions, customers and employees are becoming increasingly IT-enabled as they embrace evolving technology trends. They also have higher expectations for IT services and capabilities.

Vispro Solutions provides IT Strategy services for customers to meet these challenges. The development of an IT strategy is first about the business and the people that run that business, and second about how IT can enable clients to deliver on their strategic ambition or implementation agenda. 

Services Offered:

  • IT Assessment

  • IT Architecture

  • IT Governance structures

  • IT Organizational design

  • IT Cost Transparency

  • IT Sourcing Arrangements


    Vispro Solutions shortlisted for multiple Baan ERP Migration and Implementation services in USA – August 2012

    Vispro Solutions selected for providing Integration services to a major Energy company in USA – March 2012

    Vispro Solutions selected for providing Baan ERP Migration and Implementation services for component manufacturing company in USA – January 2012